Chinggis Khaan/Mongolian Monument, art, antiques and artifacts

Video of a Monument to Chinggis Khaan.  This field video is of one of the most important locations in Mongolian history and is from one of my two Jan – May, 2011 Explores Club Flag Expeditions to research the Mongol-Siberian Shaman’s, their stories, art, cultural objects and Mongolia history. It is the location where 20 year old Temujin took his first real step towards taking the name Chinggis Khaan. The location is in very remote, far northern Mongolia, northwest of Ulaanbaatar. In the background, the ridge line that can be seen is the border with Siberia. The reason the Merkit had camped here was that there was a natural mineral water spring the emerged near by, as well as a river about 1/2 mile/0.8 Km away.

The monument that I am doing a traditional Mongolian offering and prayer to, marks the battle field where young Temujin had his first major successful battle, routing one of the most powerful Mongol clans, the Merkit, and winning back his beloved wife Borte, who they had kidnapped 4 years earlier. The offering I am giving is directed towards the four directions, the great blue sky, as well as respect to Chinggis Khaan, his amazing wife Borte and their love and loyalty to each other.

Many artifacts and antiques from Mongolia are frequently misrepresented as being either Chinese, Sino-Tibetan, Tibetan or even Indian. However, these misrepresentations can depress the prices of real Mongolian art, antiques and artifacts. Please feel free to contact Greg C. Brown & Associates, Inc. if you think your items might be incorrectly identified. I am one of the very few people on earth who has the extensive hands on experience and background in the world in Mongolian history and artifacts.

Greg C. Brown, MS, ISA.