New U.S. Ivory Laws are in place NOW!

Hello everyone, I have taken a long hiatus from blogging, but there is an update that people need to be aware of in the ivory trade, especially in the United States.

This is not going to be a detailed blog post. However, I think it is important for everyone to know that there are new ivory rules, that are much more strict, covering the buying and selling of ivory within the United States of America. I am not going to analyze the rules in this blog, as I am still learning about them myself and have not called into the USFWS yet to get everything clear.

Therefore, I am posting the links to the US Fish and Wildlife Services information that I have at this moment, along with two article that tries to explain what all of this means. The rule with ivory is be cautious, as fines can be up to $200,000.00 USD and/or jail time for the illegal exchange of undocumented ivory specimens! It is still legal to possess pre-ban ivory, pass it along to family and friends as long as there is no financial gain involved, and donate it. The selling and buying are another thing, especially if it is undocumented. As I understand the rules, you can come to a person like me, who is an appraiser, and have me write-up a document with the estimated date and get the proper paper work done, which is allowed from what I can tell so far, but I want to talk to USFWS directly first before I will commit to this. I will post another update on this after I have done so. For now, follow the USFWS information below and if you are not sure, contact me about my services, or talk directly to USFWS yourself.

US Fish and Wildlife Services page:

What it may all mean, from the International Fund for Animal Welfare article:

The Washington Post Article about this:

If you would like more direct contact, you can tell me what you have, what you want to do with it, such as sell it, buy it, insure it, donate it, etc… and send a complete set (meaning top, bottom, all sides, images of writting/seals/stamps,etc.., close up images of workmanship, and any damage) of 100% clear and well lit photos to me. If the images are not complete, and not 100% and well lit, I will not respond, as I have far too many requests that are clear and well lit: Send the images to:

Greg C. Brown, ISA AM. I am a USPAP compliant appraiser of fine art and antiques, specializing in Asian art and antiques, fossils, fine art prints, antiquities and other fine personal property.


2 thoughts on “New U.S. Ivory Laws are in place NOW!

  1. Doug Meyer says:

    Hello, I was wondering if you ever found out about the ivory. I’m interested to know about if I show you the pieces, can you provide documentation for them. I want to part with them, if I can. Thank you, Doug

    • Doug,

      The U.S. Fish and Wildlife agent I have been discussing these issues with has made it clear that, as a qualified appraiser, which I am, I can provide documentation by doing a written appraisal. And, if it proves a piece of ivory is antique, and/or under certain circumstances was imported legally, they can be sold according to the Feds. However, each state also has it’s own enforcement rules, and I must contact your state’s agency agents to find out what those are in order to give a final answer. So, if you intent is to sell the pieces, the answer is, yes, I can provide you with a written appraisal on your pieces, but nothing less, in order to comply. If you would like to pursue that option, please email us at and my customer service representative will start the process with you. Please let them know that you were directed there by me from my blog, so we have a reference.

      Sincerely, Greg.

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