“If we let people … tell us what art is or what important art is or what good art is, we, … deserve the art we get and the price we pay.

This is a great follow-up article to the last one I posted, by Crispin Sartwell in the New York Times. This is almost exactly my point in saying, people who want to invest in art and antiques need to ask experts, unbiased experts, for help, because we have only one interest, to make sure you have picked what you are paying for and what you want! Not, what we tell you you want! Our fees for consulting and appraising are unattached to the value of the art work, or at least they should be, as that is the only way we can truly be unbiased and keep YOUR interests first. The only way we can make a loyal client is with the unbiased truth and nothing else. One of the answer you must expect from an honest expert is “I do not know. Let me check into it.” Anyone who seems to know everything is exactly like the proverbial “if it is too good to be true, it probably is!” Similarly, always remember, a dealer’s business is to sell you the piece for the highest possible profit they can and hope that you will come back to them again, or not. There are great and honest dealers out there who are well worth doing business with, but many are not. This is a good read, http://www.latimes.com/news/opinion/commentary/la-oe-sartwell-price-of-art-20130212,0,2523689.story

The image below is from the above Sartwell article, and as Sartwell asks his readers, is this Popeye statue really million dollar art? The dealer said so, the buyer was apparently willing to let the dealer make his mind up for him initially in Sartwell’s opinion, what do you think? My opinion is, it is cool, because I like these kinds of metal finishes. It appeasers to have been a lot of work/effort, which I can respect. But it is not a culturally contributing or changing art work, which to me is the essence of real art, be it familially, locally, nationally or internationally recognized.

"Popeye" by US artist Jeff Koons is on d

Greg C. Brown, MS, ISA.


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