The pleasure of meeting colleagues in Asian art and antiques.

About real, Professional Appraisers, why you should use them and why I am so happy to be colleagues with them. This year I have been advancing my appraisal practice and credentials, and in turn meeting new colleagues who are also in the profession. This has been the best year so far in my career, which dates back to 2005. I have found every person I have met this year that is involved in or is in a related area of Asian Art and Antiques and/or the Professional Appraisal business through The International Society of Appraisers (ISA, which I am a member of, taken course work and webinars from), the Appraisers Association of America (AAA, who I have taken course work and webinars and attended lectures with) and the American Society of Appraisers (ASA, who I have taken webinars from and hope to attend chapter meetings with), are all wonderful, kind, hard working, ethical and honest people within each organization. From people I have never met before, to people I have known for a while and have gotten to know better, each and every person has been helpful, thoughtful and collegial. This is exactly why the public needs to understand the difference between a Professional Appraiser, and someone who simply calls themselves an appraisers, because the Professional Appraisers, who are credentialed through one of these big three organizations (ISA, AAA and ASA), are here to promote the betterment, honesty and integrity of the profession for the protection of the public through ethical practices. Thank you all for all of your sharing, wisdom and teaching this year. I continue to become more enlightened and humbled every day.

Greg C. Brown, M.S.; ISA, Member.